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Register with your state board of pharmacy
Once you have written and passed the exam you will have to register with your state board of pharmacy in order to start actually working as a certified pharmacy technician. To do this you should start by using your search engine to find the website of your stateís board. Another way to get hold of this information is to go to the National Association Boards of Pharmacy website. This website will provide you with the link you need to find the state board website for your particular state. In order to access the National Association Boards of Pharmacy website please go to There are a number of different requirements that you will have to meet before you can be registered, so it is important that you find out what these are before applying for registration. Note also that these requirements do tend to vary rather severely from state to state, so it is important that you make absolutely sure that the requirements that you are aiming to fulfil hold true for your state in particular. If you have a state in mind where you would like to work it is very important to make sure that you meet all of the requirements for that particular state. A lot of these states may require you to pass the exam, but not all of them will deem this necessary. Important information like this is why you need to do your research properly and find out well ahead of time what requirements you need to meet in order to become a certified pharmacy technician in your state of choice. Two exams were mentioned previously, but not all states will accept both exams as a basis on which to register you. Therefore you need to know the state requirements before choosing which exam to take.

Renew your license
In order to remain certified as a certified pharmacy technician you will have to engage in continuing education. Continuing education comes in the form of extra classes and lessons that you can attend in order to ensure that your qualifications are up to date and that you are aware of any new developments in the drug industry. In most states this is mandatory in order for you to renew your certified pharmacy technician license. However the type of continuing education as well as the number of hours you will need to do varies from state to state so it is important that you once again do some research into the particular requirements for your state. Generally speaking though you will have to complete about 20 hours of additional training each and every year in order o remain certified. Donít look at this as an annoyance, but rather as something that will help you keep on your toes and be the best certified pharmacy technician that you can be. There are a number of places where you may be able to do this continuing education, including local community colleges or continuing education centres. Look into all of the options in your area and find the most convenient continuing education program to suit you and your needs. If you do not complete the continuing education that is required of you, then you may lose your certified pharmacy technician status. In some cases it may merely be suspended but in others you may lose it altogether. There are complex procedures involved in getting your certification as a certified pharmacy technician back, so this is definitely something that you want to avoid at all costs. If there was no mandatory continuing education for certified pharmacy technicians then the entire industry would deteriorate drastically.